Fargo Police and Fargo Public Works Close Portions of 19th Avenue North & 52nd Avenue South; Fargo Solid Waste in Full Operations on Friday Routes

Throughout the city, residents are asked to move all vehicles from streets to afford snow removal equipment operators the ability to navigate

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Mercury Spills

Mercury is a toxin that can affect the human nervous system and damage the liver and kidneys. Even small amounts of spilled mercury are a health hazard, because mercury volatilizes at room temperature and people may be exposed to toxic levels through inhalation.

Spilled mercury is also a concern because it contributes to mercury pollution of the atmosphere. Mercury in rain contaminates lakes, causing significant fish contamination. Even a small amount of mercury is a concern — the atmosphere brings about one gram of mercury each year (an amount equal to the mercury contained in one fever thermometer) to a 20-acre lake.

Information on the health effects of mercury exposure is available from the National Library of Medicine.

Who to call in case of a spill:

Call North Dakota Waste Management (www.ndhealth.gov/wm).

During normal business hours: 701.328.5166

Emergency response number: 1.800.472.2121

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers advice on what to do and what to avoid when mercury is spilled: Mercury Spill Information.