Planting Trees

Planting Permit

Property owners may plant street trees after obtaining a free tree planting permit from the Fargo Forestry Department. A department representative will conduct an on-site inspection to determine where the trees can be placed and recommend species that are appropriate for the site.

Considerations for placement of trees in the boulevard include:

  • Proper spacing between trees
  • Minimum distance from intersections, fire hydrants, street lights, overhead and underground utilities, water service lines, driveways, etc.

Request Expectations & Timeline

Once a request for a planting permit is sent in for review, action will take place from the Forestry Department approximately one (1) week after submission. A certified arborist will stake the planting location(s) and communicate with residents by leaving paperwork which includes a list of approved trees at the resident's door during the boulevard inspection.

If there are futher questions, please contact the Forestry Department at 701.241.1465 or send an email.

Contact Information

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