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Firewood Inspections to Begin Week of April 15


In an effort to manage the spread of Dutch elm disease, the Fargo Forestry Department will begin inspecting firewood at homes around the community during the week of April 15. Forestry Department inspectors may need to access private property to complete this process. They will attempt contact at the property, identify elm firewood by marking it with paint and provide a notice to the property owner. To dispose of logs containing bark, place them on the boulevard for pickup by April 29 and notify the Forestry Department at 701.241.1465.

Dutch elm disease destroyed nearly 200 elm trees in Fargo last year. Fargo City Ordinance 19-0201 prohibits storing or transporting elm wood with bark attached. To use elm as firewood, all bark must be removed. Residents’ cooperation will help manage the fight against Dutch elm disease. It is expected to take approximately one week to complete the citywide inspection process.