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The Fargo Police Department is Accepting Applications for Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Police Support Specialist and POST Certified Police Officer


The Fargo Police Department is hiring for the positions of Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Police Support Specialist and POST Certified/Lateral Police Officer.

The Criminal Intelligence Analyst position is responsible for providing tactical, strategic and administrative analysis using crime data and other information gathered from multiple sources to assist with the planning and deployment of police resources. This include conducting analysis for the purpose of identifying, interpreting, and forecasting criminal activity, patterns, and trends. Other responsibilities include collecting and maintaining criminal intelligence in accordance with federal regulations, preparing reports and other documents as needed, and conducting both internal and external presentations. The position requires significant ability to work with and interpret data from a variety of sources. The position also requires working closely with police officers, detectives, supervisors, other analysts, civilian staff, and personnel from other agencies. Learn more or apply now.

The Police Support Specialist provides information and reports to other departments and agencies within the City and County, which requires discretionary judgment and extensive knowledge of State and Local ordinances, policies, and procedures. Report processing, filing tasks and work where there is exposure to confidential information that includes risk of financial liability or inability to effectively prosecute if it is not properly safeguarded. High attention to detail is critical in this position. Daily handling of funds received for reports, licenses, and fingerprints. Learn more or apply now.

Police Officers perform general policing functions intended to ensure the safety and security of lives and property within the City. Activities include patrol, traffic enforcement, and investigative duties. Officers work under general supervision of a Sergeant and are assigned to a particular area of the City. Officers may be assigned to special activities or projects on an on-going or short-term basis (e.g., crime prevention, investigations, school resource officer, etc.). The work performed involves a considerable risk to personal safety for self and others and requires quick decision making when determining the appropriate action to take in a given situation. While much of this work is performed independently and without the immediate presence of a supervisor, incumbents are required to draw upon their extensive training and the department procedural guidelines, mandates, and laws governing an officer's response and conduct when determining the appropriate action to take in a particular situation. Officers are subject to call back at most times. Officers may respond to situations outside of Fargo and across state lines when called in for mutual aid.Learn more or apply now.