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Fargo City Commission Shifts To Phase III of Drought Response Effective August 24


  • Drought Phase III
    Drought Phase III

At the advisement of Water Utility Director Troy Hall, the Fargo City Commission has enacted Phase III (also known as the Warning Phase) of The City’s Drought Response Plan effective 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, August 24. New response measures for Phase III include:

  • Lawns may be watered no more than one day per week, on a designated day corresponding to residents’ garbage collection day as seen below:

  • Monday - North of 7th Ave. N.

  • Tuesday - South of 7th Ave. N. & North of I-94

  • Wednesday - South of I-94 & North of 40th Ave. S.

  • Thursday - South of 40th Ave. S. & East of I-29

  • Friday - South of 40th Ave. S. & West of I-29

  • Residents should utilize retail and commercial vehicle washing facilities if their vehicles must be washed.

  • There are no restrictions on essential water uses such as shower, laundry or toilet usage.

The following are exceptions to the Phase III watering restrictions:

  • Hand-watered flowers and plants.
  • Vegetable and flower gardens.
  • Newly-planted landscaping, trees and shrubs.
  • Newly-planted yards or newly-sodded lawns.
  • Water used to control dust or compact soil.
  • Using drip irrigation, bubblers, hand watering or other systems that do not propel water through the air.
  • According to the Phase III Lawn watering schedule map, residents may wash their vehicles at their personal residence on their designated watering day.
  • Irrigation necessary for one day only where treatment with an application of chemicals requires immediate watering to preserve an existing landscape.
  • Visually-supervised operation of watering systems for short periods of time to check system condition and effectiveness (e.g. winterization of water sprinkler systems).

All Fargo residents and Cass Rural Water District customers residing within Fargo City limits are expected to comply with drought response measures. For more information about The Drought Response Phase III or to report non-compliance, please call the Fargo Water Treatment Plant Monday through Friday during regular business hours at 701.241.1469.
The City of Fargo will remain in Drought Response Phase III until further action is taken by the City Commission. More information on all four phases of the Drought Response Plan is available at