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Fargo City Commission Shifts To Phase II of Drought Response Effective September 21


At the advisement of Water Utility Director Troy Hall, the Fargo City Commission has enacted Phase II (also known as the Advisory Phase) of The City’s Drought Response Plan effective 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, September 21. Response measures for Phase II include:

  • Mandatory odd/even outdoor water restrictions for residential, commercial and industrial uses as well as for landscape watering.
  • In an odd/even water restriction, properties with an odd-numbered address may use water as normal on odd-numbered dates, while even-numbered addresses may us water as normal on even-numbered dates.
  • Voluntary compliance with an odd/even watering plan is requested for gardens.
  • Retail and commercial vehicle washing facilities are requested to engage in voluntary water restriction efforts.
  • Construction projects must engage in mandatory hydrant meter use per City policy.
  • There are no restrictions on essential water uses such as shower, laundry or toilet usage.

The City of Fargo will remain in Drought Response Phase II until further action is taken by the City Commission. More information on all four phases of the Drought Response Plan is available at