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Mayor Tim Mahoney and Police Chief David Zibolski Issue Joint Statement on One-Year Anniversary of George Floyd Murder


  • Mayor Mahoney and Chief Zibolski Joint Statement Graphic
    Mayor Mahoney and Chief Zibolski Joint Statement Graphic

Fargo Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney and Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski have issued the following joint statement:

A year ago today, George Floyd lost his life in a senseless act of police brutality. We continue to mourn and offer our thoughts to his family, friends and millions who continue the needed work of improving our society in the aftermath of his untimely and unnecessary death.

Throughout the last year, we have engaged in critically important community conversations to establish, build and strengthen relationships in the Fargo metro and beyond. These conversations have made all of us better and, while there is much work left to be done, we look forward to growing together and continuing to earn the public’s trust as we move towards a unified community.

In the Fargo community, there is absolutely no acceptance of discrimination of any kind. All – everyone – are welcome here. The City of Fargo and the Fargo Police Department have zero tolerance for any and all forms of discrimination. We continue working to identify and eradicate any instances of racial inequalities and implicit bias at all levels of our organization and metro community.

Together, we all need to be committed to making our tomorrows far better than our todays, in full recognition that our yesterdays fell far short of our ideals. We are saying George Floyd’s name and remembering the impact he has made (and will continue to make) in Fargo, in North Dakota and around the world. We are unequivocally reiterating that Black lives matter here.