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Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investments Partnerships Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)


The City of Fargo is seeking proposals for its 2020 & 2021 program years, which run from May 1 through April 30 each year. The City of Fargo receives annual entitlement funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which are distributed through the City’s CDBG and HOME programs. Due to COVID-19, HUD has extended the 2020 Action Plan deadline to August 2021. As a result, the timelines for both the 2020 and 2021 program years coincide. This NOFA covers both years.

The primary purpose of CDBG & HOME funds is to benefit low and moderate income individuals and households. Although the 5-Year Consolidated Plan is currently underway, the goals have been established and will continue to focus on affordable housing, homelessness, neighborhoods, and poverty reduction. For 2020 & 2021, proposals addressing COVID-19 response, preparation, and prevention will be prioritized first. All proposals must include information regarding the feasibility and readiness of the project or program because CDBG & HOME funds are generally the last financial component of a project. Proposals will be evaluated based on low to moderate income benefit, project readiness, cost reasonableness and impact, activity management, experience, past performance, and current resources.

The NOFA period runs from September 16 through October 9, 2020, with proposals due no later than 11:59 p.m. on October 9, 2020. Full instructions, NOFA, application materials, and submission links are located online at: All proposals must be submitted electronically.

For more information, view the full public notice published in The Forum newspaper on September 16, 2020. For translation services on the public notice, NOFA, or application materials, contact the City of Fargo at 701.241.1474.