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Red River Valley SWAT serves high risk search warrant in North Fargo


    The Red River Valley SWAT Team assisted with the service of a high-risk search warrant this morning at 824 9 Street North in Fargo. The search warrant was related to an ongoing illegal drug use and child neglect investigation by the Fargo Police Department’s Narcotics Unit. During the service of the search warrant, several armored vehicles were used in order to keep the officers, citizens, and suspects as safe as possible. The SWAT Team also utilized a Flash Sound Diversionary Device (FSDD) which created a loud bang and bright flash of light. The use of an FSDD is to create a distraction for the suspects, so the officers can perform tasks that may put them in danger, unbeknownst to the suspects.
The Red River Valley SWAT Team was used because one of the suspects involved in the investigation was known to be in possession of guns, had previously made threats towards law enforcement, and was known to have a violent criminal history.  A risk assessment, utilizing the known facts of the case and of the suspects living at the residence, was conducted and the use of the SWAT Team for the service of the search warrant was recommended.
The Red River Valley SWAT Team is a multi-jurisdictional team that is made up of members from the Fargo Police Department, West Fargo Police Department, Cass County Sheriff’s Office, NDSU Police Department, Moorhead Police Department, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, FM Ambulance and Sanford Lifeflight. 
The SWAT Team detained five adults and a found an infant child inside the residence.  Once the residence was secure, a search was done by the Fargo Police Narcotics Unit, the Cass County Drug Task Force and ATF.  The search found Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia, two firearms, and $12,372 in cash.  The infant child was placed into protective custody.  No arrests have been made at this time, but charges will be pending on all adults present to include Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Child Neglect.  The investigation is ongoing related