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The Mayor's Message


You may notice the light panels in our chamber are now a light blue. They will remain lit at this specific color at all public meetings throughout the month of September as we participate in the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s “Light it Blue” campaign. One (1) in nine (9) men will be affected by prostate cancer but the disease remains nearly 100 percent treatable if caught early.

The Environmental Health Division has been assisting Kate Holten with the organization of a memorial event for her former finance Jay “Hollywood” Halvorson. The event, to include food vendors, which will be held in the Fargo Cass Public Health parking lot on Tuesday, September 17. The public is invited to help remember Jay and healing with food.

With the first report in North Dakota of severe respiratory illness related to vaping, Fargo Cass Public Health cautions the community that the long-term health impacts of vaping are unknown and discourages everyone from using vaping or e-cigarette products of any kind. Fargo Cass Public Health offers free nicotine dependence counseling to assist anyone interested in quitting tobacco, including vaping products.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Department recently partnered with MinnKota Recycling to offer cardboard recycling containers for move-in weekend at NDSU. The goal was to collect 14 thousand pounds of cardboard and during the three-day period nearly 16 thousand pounds were collected!

Forestry, the Street Department and contracted staff have picked up more than 21,000 piles of brush following the late-June storm. Throughout July and August, Forestry staff completed the post storm survey to identify additional trees in need of removal or pruning due to damage caused by high winds. City and contractor staff removed 184 boulevard trees as a result. City Forestry staff also pruned hanging branches and storm damage from more than 600 trees. The Labor Day storm has again resulted in Street Department assistance and our crews are working extended hours to prune and remove damaged trees & collect curbside brush.

The Block 9 groundbreaking was a year ago on September 12 (Wednesday). The parking ramp has been open for more than a month and the tower is already 15 floors high! This is a great progress for Downtown Fargo.

This week, Police Chief Todd met with Sanford executives to talk about the approach to suicidal persons and police training for those situations. It was an opportunity to brainstorm solutions about people that we bring in because of ideations and behavior that indicates to officers this person at risk to commit suicide.

The Fargo Public Library has several events happening in the next couple of weeks as part of the 2019 One Book, One Community reading project ranging from A Captain Marvel Film Screening and Talk to a North Dakota Air National Guard 119th Wing Presentation and a screening of Silver Wings, Flying Dreams: The Complete Story of a the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

I’d also like to take a moment to recognize a birthday. Commissioner Strand is always pointing out whose birthday is coming up and I’d like to wish a happy 25th birthday to his newspaper, the High Plains Reader. Congratulations Commissioner Strand!

The Communications and Public Affairs Department has prepared a video showcasing the work of our Inspections Department. We hope you enjoy!