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The Mayor's Message


In May, the Fire Department visited 21 public and private elementary schools in the City as part of the annual “Learn Not to Burn” program, which is based on curriculum established by the National Fire Prevention Association and begins the early part of the school year with classroom visits by the department’s deputy fire marshals. During the classroom visit, students are taught about fire prevention and safety. The visits in May are made by an engine or truck company and allow the students to see the fire truck and meet the firefighters.

As we move into summer, the Fire Department reminds everyone that only clean, dry wood can be burned in the city. Yard waste such as leaves and grass clippings produce light embers that when burned, can travel long distances and have the potential to spread fire. In addition, construction waste or lumber often contain resins, paints or stains that can emit smoke and odors that are not only offensive but also hazardous.

The eight newest Fargo police officers have started at the Law Enforcement Academy in Bismarck. They will spend the next couple of months in Bismarck and we will see them back in Fargo toward the end of August.

As I announced at the last meeting, we are going to be transitioning to more video content for the Mayor’s Message. Tonight we are going to show two short videos – the first one features the City’s Forestry Division celebrating Arbor Day and the second follows the Fire Department on their spring hydrant flushing rounds. Enjoy the videos below!