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The Mayor's Message - 01.02.2019

Fargo Cass Public Health is participating in “The People Project” with Clay County Public Health. This evidence-based project focuses on Fargo Cass Public Health employees and the environment to bring about positive change in the work place. The kickoff will be January 15th.

The Library’s Winter Read-a-Thon program starts January 7th and runs through March 3rd. Readers of all ages can read to earn prizes. The theme this year is “Cozy Up with a Good Book.” There are several interesting programs and events at the Library over the next couple of weeks, including: A Bullet Journaling class on January 5th; Restorative and Beginner Yoga classes for adults; an e-book open house on January 10th where attendees will learn how to access digital services from the Library on internet-enabled devices; an open writing session for teens and adults on January 12th as part of the Northern Narratives Writing Project; and Jacqueline Bussie, author of the book “Love Without Limits” will visit the Main Library on January 15th.

Police Chief Todd was in Bismarck recently for ND Chiefs and Sheriff Association meetings to discuss legislative issues and upcoming bills, including Highway Patrol jurisdiction, marijuana decriminalization, public safety protection orders, statewide radio funding, traffic fines, civil asset forfeiture and others.

The Police Department received a number of good bids from contractors for Phase 2 of the BSE building project, which may allow for some of the alternative projects. Chief Todd wants to thank all of the people who served on the building committee and especially Deputy Chief Joe Anderson for steering the planning on this project and for working hard to keep it on schedule. It took a lot of time and effort to come up with an excellent, efficient and affordable plan that will serve the community well for many years.

I will be leaving Friday for Frisco, Texas, to take in the FCS Championship football game on Saturday between the North Dakota State University Bison and the Eastern Washington Eagles. I talked recently on the phone with Spokane Mayor David Condon and we decided on a friendly wager: the losing team’s Mayor has to wear the winning team’s T-shirt and post a picture of themselves wearing the T-shirt on social media. Just so you know, we have already sent an NDSU T-shirt to Mayor Condon so he is ready to have his photo posted wearing that T-shirt. The Eastern Washington Eagles may have that really cool red turf, but we have the Yellow and Green Machine that is NDSU Football! GO BISON!