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Work on North End of 4th Street South Project Zone Begins Monday


  • Project Overview Map
    Project Overview Map

Zone: Downtown, South
Project: 4th Street South Road & Water Main Improvement Project

Beginning Monday, June 18, contractors for the City of Fargo 4th Street South Road and Water Main Improvement project will start work on the north end of the 4th Street South project zone. Crews will set up traffic control for phase six of work to fully reconstruct 4th Street South from 2nd Street South to 13th Avenue South and install a new water main system for the area.
When this north section work begins, the following will close to traffic:

  • One block portion of 4th Street South starting at 6th Avenue to the middle of Prairie St. Johns parking lot
  • Half the block of 6th Avenue South west of 4th Street

Two block portions of 4th Street from 13th Avenue to 11th Avenue South and one block of 13th Avenue South west of 4th Street are currently closed to traffic while crews are working on the south end of 4th Street South.
Mid-week next week, crews will begin work on half the block on 11th Avenue east at the 4th Street South intersection. By the end of the week crews will also begin work on one block on 10th Avenue east at the 4th Street South intersection.
The project work is split into seven overlapping phases:

  • Phase One: 6th Avenue South halfway between 4th Street to 7th Street South
  • Phase Two: 4th Street from 13th Avenue South through 11th Avenue South, including work on 13th Avenue South to the west of 4th Street and work on 11th Avenue South east of 4th Street
  • Phase Three: 4th Street from 11th Avenue South to half way between 9th Avenue South and 8th Avenue South
  • Phase Four: 10th Avenue South from 4th Street to the east
  • Phase Five: 4th Street from half way between 9th Avenue South and 8th Avenue S to 6th Avenue South
  • Phase Six: 4th Street from 6th Avenue S to middle of Prairie St. Johns parking lot
  • Phase Seven: 4th Street from Dike West parking lot entrance to 2nd Street

The purpose of this project is to upgrade portions of the City’s infrastructure in this area including water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, pavement, curb and gutter, street lighting and the traffic signal located at the intersection of 4th Street South and 8th Avenue South.
In addition, driveway approaches and sidewalks on 4th Street South will be replaced. The roadway on 4th Street South will be reconfigured to accommodate bicycle lanes along the curbs.

Speeds are reduced to 25 mph through both work zones. Please slow down and watch for trucks entering and exiting the work area.

The project work should be complete by mid-October.

**Please remember all schedules are tentative and weather dependent.
Adjacent project: Area residents should be mindful of other road or infrastructure improvement projects happening in this neighborhood that may impact their routes, including:

  • South of 13th Avenue South: work continues at the new city water treatment plant. Currently 4th Street South is closed for one block between 13th Avenue South and 14th Avenue South.

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