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Tomorrow Work Begins on University Drive from 4th to 12th Avenue North for 10th Street North Reconstruction Project Starting Next Week


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Zone: North
Project:10th Street North Reconstruction Project

Starting this week, construction activity will begin for the 10th Street North Roadway Reconstruction and Infrastructure Improvement project. This year the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Fargo District and City of Fargo will replace aging infrastructure and continue the city-wide effort to upgrade services for residents and businesses on 10th Street North from 4th Avenue North to 12th Avenue North.

Tomorrow, May 22, crews will close one lane on University Drive between 12th and 4th Avenue for drivers. Crews will begin to install traffic control devices, temporary traffic signals and remove pavement markings to prepare University Drive to carry head-to-head traffic throughout the summer and early fall. Northbound one-way traffic will flow as usual on 10th Street North during this preparation work on University Drive this week.

Starting next week, Tuesday, May 29, weather permitting, motorists will be detoured from 10th Street North to University Drive on 4th Avenue North. 10th Street North between 4th Avenue North to 12th Avenue North will be closed to traffic throughout the duration of the project.

“The project zone is a residential area,” said Jeremy Gorden, transportation division engineer for City of Fargo. “Most of the properties have alley or Avenue access or we will be accommodating those that do not have access during certain phases of work, like when we pave across a driveway or parking area using 10th Street North for access. To help with traffic flow on the detour route we are installing temporary traffic signals on University at key intersections.”

Next week, the first phase of work will change the following for drivers:

  • Northbound 10th Street traffic will be detoured on 4th Avenue North to University Drive
  • 10th Street North will be closed to all traffic north of 8th Avenue North intersection to southside of 10th Avenue intersection
  • 10th Street North and 9th Avenue North intersection will be the only intersection closed at this time
  • 10th Street North under the railroad underpass will close to traffic to start the upgrade project on the lift station that services the drainage of the roadway

“NDDOT will be overseeing this project as 10th Street is part of the US Highway system and the original stretch of US 81 that goes through Fargo,” said Kevin Gorder, NDDOT assistant district engineer. “The project work has been designed to basically split this up into three main phases – the lift station work under the railroad, the stretch from 4th to 9th Avenue and the stretch from 9th to 12th Avenue. Our priority is to complete the 10th Street area in front of the neighborhood school by mid-August.”

Throughout the duration of the reconstruction and infrastructure improvement project:

  • A sidewalk will be maintained on 10th Street North
  • Construction activity will be limited to no more than half the project at a time
  • The marked bike detour is located on 11th Street North, 4th and 6th Avenue North, and Roberts Street

Work zones are not present to inconvenience drivers, they’re an important part in maintaining and rebuilding North Dakota’s infrastructure. Rear end crashes are the most common in work zones. Motorists are encouraged to slow down, allow extra distance between their vehicles and the vehicle in front of them. Motorists are encouraged to add five extra minutes to their travel plans through the area. Speeds will be reduced on University Drive.

This project is being funded by federal, state and local funds.


Project completion:
September 26

Work zone limits:
10th Street North from 4th Avenue North to 12th Avenue North in North Fargo

Work zone length:
Less than one mile

Traffic control: In both directions, throughout the duration of the project –

  • Head-to-head traffic with one lane in each direction on University Drive
  • 10th Street North between 4th Avenue North to 12th Avenue North will close to thru traffic
  • Sidewalks on the east and west side of the project will remain open
  • Marked bike detour via Roberts Street N to 6th Avenue North to 11th Street North

Temporary traffic signals will be installed on University Drive at the following intersections:

  • 4th Avenue North and University Drive
  • 7th Avenue North and University Drive
  • 11th Avenue North and University Drive
  • 12th Avenue North and University Drive

Scope of work:

  • Replacement of the existing local water main, rehab on the existing water transmission line, and placement of the existing sanitary sewer main
  • Complete road reconstruction and concrete paving
  • New curb and gutter and traffic signals
  • Driveway approaches and sidewalk repairs

Daily Traffic Counts:
Current 2016:
Passenger – 13,355
Trucks – 475
Total: 13,830

Forecast 2036:
Passenger – 16,295
Trucks –580
Total: 16,875

Project Funding:
The project cost is $7.1 million.

  • Federal: $4.1 million
  • State: half million
  • City: $2.5 million (Sanitary sewer and water main work along with other miscellaneous items are completely funded by City of Fargo).

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