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The Mayor's Message 05.21.18

A couple things going on in the community, in Health the partnership with the Jefferson Neighborhood Association, Fargo Cass Public Health hosted a Heart-n-Soul Community Café on May 13th. Approximately 60 people attended the meal to build their own lunch bowl and they were served toasted banana bread with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Area farmers who donated to the event included Velo Farm, Hugh’s Gardens, Legacy Gardens and Dirt Head Microgreens. Members of the Jeremiah Program assisted Ugly Food of the North in preparing food for the event. Everyone is invited to attend the Community Café events. People can enjoy a meal and pay only what they are able. Events are hosted each month in a variety of locations throughout Fargo-Moorhead and is available on our website.

There are several interesting and engaging programs happening at the Library this week and next for residents of all ages.

The Summer Reading Program starts on June 4th. “Libraries Rock!” is this year’s theme. A video produced with the assistance of Brian Sellin of the City of Fargo Communications Department was sent to all Fargo area schools to let kids, teachers, school librarians and administrators know about all the events and activities planned as part of the Summer Reading Program, which is free and open to the public.

If you are thinking of visiting some of North Dakota’s state parks this summer, keep in mind that the Library has park passes to check out. We are not quite sure yet where the Teddy Roosevelt Library is going to be located yet, but you could go out to the Theodore Roosevelt park if you'd like. Guidelines for use of the park passes are listed on each pass.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics will be held on June 7th. This year is the 50th anniversary celebration of the Special Olympics in North Dakota. And the team runs in downtown Fargo.

Last week was Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Week. Officers wore their black bands and flags flew at half-staff to remember fallen law enforcement officers and their families. Chief David Todd said it was a week to also take pride in the organization that protects and serves the public.

How about taking pride? The Fargo Marathon was this last weekend and everybody seemed to enjoy it. It was well attended. Our 5K is getting to be really popular. To which a story Bruce Grubb reminded me one time, Denny Walaker was a rather big man and he used to host the starts of many of the races and the start of the 5K he told runners get ready to go on this event and he said, "you know, I would have done this race and joined you, but I have a hamstring injury so I can't do it today." Now, many of use doubted that he would have even done the 5K but we liked the enthusiasm.

Police in the community really worked well with the marathon and we had a large attendance; many people came out, were pleased with it and it was a great event. Public Works gets kudos as well because they filled some of the potholes so runners wouldn't hurt themselves as they ran. So, thanks to them as well.

Lastly, Senator Zinke is in the state this week and Commissioner Piepkorn and I have been asked to go out and meet with him to talk about the Red River Valley water supply. So, on Wednesday we will be going out doing that and pushing forth getting water from the west to the east. So, there's a lot of stuff going on.