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Fargo Named 2017’s 6th Safest City in America

12/06/2017 has named Fargo 2017’s 6th Safest City in America. Analysts compared 182 U.S. cities across 38 key indicators of safety to determine where Americans can feel most protected against life’s hazards, including nonphysical forms of danger.

The data analyzed ranged from assaults per capita, unemployment rate, road quality, foreclosure rate, job security, fraud and other complaints, to median credit score, identity theft complaints, percent of households with emergency savings and the percent of people who are uninsured.

Among the safety indicators, Fargo ranked first in job security, percent of households with emergency savings and lowest unemployment rate.

Of note, Nashua, N.H., was named the Number 1 Safest City in America for 2017, while Bismarck, N.D., made the list at Number 21. Last on the list at Number 182 was Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

For more information, visit the 2017’s Safest Cities in America Study.