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19th Avenue N Road Construction Projects

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Start: May 2017

Estimated Completion: Fall 2017

19th Avenue N Road Construction Projects Current Map

Current Project Map

19th Avenue N Road Construction Projects Overview Map

19th Avenue N Road Construction Projects Overview Map

Project Overview:

The city will be constructing a new, 5-lane roadway with new concrete, a flush median, updated utilities and street lights on 19th Avenue N from the I-29 Ramp to 57th St. N. The improvements will be part of two, separate projects. One will impact 19th Ave. N between I-29 and 45th Street, including 45th St. between 16th Ave. N and 19th Ave. N. The other will be from 45th St. to 57th Street. The updated utilities and new roadway will help accommodate for increasing traffic volumes and population growth in North Fargo as our city expands. A new sanitary sewer interceptor main will have an overflow structure installed and will improve the area’s sewer network.

There will also be updated railroad crossings on 19th Ave. and 45th St. and work will be done to prepare for a possible future 45th St. railroad underpass.


The first project, impacting 19th Ave. N between I-29 and 45th St., will begin late May. The second project will likely begin in July.


19th Ave. N serves as an important roadway connecting drivers and nearby property owners to I-29. As Fargo has grown, the road became outdated and too small for increasing traffic volumes. The new 5-lane roadway will create more space and safer travel routes to keep pace with Fargo’s future growth. This project will provide the infrastructure to convert 19th Ave N and 45th St. N from rural roadway sections to arterial urban street sections.


19th Ave. N and 45th St. N infrastructure will be funded by Special Assessments, applied per City policy. The Sanitary Sewer Interceptor modifications will be funded by Waste Water Sales Tax Funds and a majority of the railroad crossing costs will be covered by Federal and State funds.