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Career Opportunities

Fargo Police Officers perform general policing functions to ensure the safety and security of lives and property within the City such as patrol, traffic enforcement, and investigative duties. Police Officers are assigned to a designated area of the City to enforce all laws and regulations, to provide security, to detect violators, and to develop positive relationships with residents, businesses, schools, and students.

Officers are trained monthly, on firearms, defensive tactics, and law updates. Officers are also eligible to attend training outside of the agency to further their education in law enforcement.

Officers are provided with numerous opportunities for growth and development within the department by holding lateral positions such as Detective, K9 handler, School Resource Officer, Downtown Resource Officer, Truck Regulatory Officer, Crime Prevention Officer, Cultural Liaison Officer, Street Crimes Officer and Community Trust Officer. Officers may also hold secondary assignments such as Police Training Officers, S.W.A.T., Bike Patrol, Honor Guard, Drug Recognition Expert or Training Instructor. Officers are eligible for these secondary and lateral positions after two years of employment with the department.

The department also offers several committees and volunteer activity opportunities to Police staff.


Officers and ranking staff are eligible for promotional opportunities as they arise, whether it is from a retirement, someone leaving the department, or a newly created position. Staff who qualify for the promotional position will partake in the promotional process by taking a written test and participating in a police oral interview board, often involving members from inside and outside the department.