Fargo Announces Closure of All Facilities to the Public Until Further Notice

Essential City services are operating; citizens can reach us at FargoND.gov/Virtual

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Benefits & Pay

The City of Fargo offers a comprehensive benefits package.

A police officer's compensation is based on a 9 step pay scale. Police officer's starting pay is $54,142 a year or $26.03 an hour. Police officers receive an automatic increase to the next pay step every year until they reach step 9. The 9th pay step is $80,101 a year or $38.51 an hour.

Current or former law enforcement officers may be eligible to start at up to $60,611 - $29.14/hour depending on experience and may have a shortened training program.

Employees receive longevity pay after 10 years of service in addition to the employee's current pay step. Officers who receive promotions are placed on a higher 9-step pay scale.


Fargo Police Staff and the City contribute to the police pension plan which pays 2.65% of the highest three years of salary (average) multiplied by years of service. Officers are vested into the pension at 10 years of service and can draw from their pension at the age of 49 1/2.