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A safe and unifed community built on trust, accountability, and inclusion.


The Fargo Police Department strives to provide the citizens of Fargo quality service and a secure community. We are committed to the professional growth of our officers and department in order to better create and preserve a positive partnership with the community we serve.


F air - We are committed to provide unbiased services to all members of our community.
A ccountable - We Take responsibility for our actions and we are responsible for holding the community accountable. We are mindful that we answer to each other, the Department, and most importantly, the people we serve.
R espect - We believe that all human life has value and deserves respect. We will treat all those we serve in a compassionate, courteous, and dignified manner.
G uardianship - We will guard, protect, and preserve all life and property in the Fargo community as well as each other.
O fficer Wellness - In order to provide the best possible service to the community, our officers need to be mentally and physically healthy both at home and in our professional role as police officers.
P rofessional - We demonstrate professionalism by being accountable, competent, and character driven in our role to safeguard the community. We strive to implement the latest technologies and law enforcement practices to give our community the best service possible.
D iverse - We recognize our community is very diverse. Our Department strives to be inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds while commmitted to being impartial, unbiased, and respectful of all our citizens.