Flood Protection
Flood 2020 Protection Plans

39-Foot Crest Protection Plans

City of Fargo engineers have developed plan of action in several crest height scenarios to ensure maximal protection of The City, its people and property. The City is currently preparing for a 39-foot crest, which is based off of the most recent National Weather Service probabilistic flood forecast for Fargo. Actual emergency measures deployed will be based off of future forecasts from the National Weather Service

Plan for 2-feet of Freeboard
• Top of emergency measures at 41-feet

Existing Infrastructure
• Earth Levee - Approx. 20.0 miles
• Concrete Floodwall - Approx 2.5 miles
• Removable Floodwall - 13 locations
• Storm Sewer Lift Stations - 81

Emergency Measures
• Earth Levee - Approx. 4.8 miles
• Trap Bags - Approx. 1.4 miles
• Sandbags - Approx. 1.8 miles
• Total Length - Approx. 8.0 miles