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Vulnerable Population Registry

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (NDDES), along with its partners, maintains the North Dakota Special Needs Registry (NDSNR). This registry allows emergency services across the state to better serve the public during disasters.

Residents with disabilities or significant health issues who are self-sufficient under normal circumstances, may have difficulties during disasters such as fires, floods, tornadoes, disease outbreaks, or acts of terrorism. This same challenge applies to older adults and other special needs populations. At risk or vulnerable populations are often those who live independently or with the help of a caregiver, and yet may need additional assistance in the event of a disaster, especially in the area of transportation.

These populations include, but are not limited to:

  • Those with a disability, frail or have significant health issues
  • Elderly with no family/friend assistance
  • Those with social or behavioral challenges
  • Homeless

To register yourself or others to the special needs database, please visit the NDSNR website.

Registering in the NDSNR database is not a guarantee emergency services will be provided to registrants or that registrants will be placed on a priority list for emergency responders. Registration is intended to provide first responders with the information they need to adequately plan for and respond to disasters. Preparedness information will be provided so registrants will be able to help themselves in an emergency.

All the personal information in the database is completely confidential and will not be shared with the public.