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How We Are Preparing for Emergencies

The City of Fargo is actively preparing for the possibility of natural and manmade disasters. The city works with Cass and Clay County agencies, the North Dakota Department of Health, area hospitals, and others. Much of this planning is organized by Fargo's emergency management coordinator.

Community Evacuation Planning

Representatives from Fargo, Moorhead, Cass County and Clay County are meeting to improve our community evacuation plans. Meeting the needs of special populations such as the disabled will be part of the planning process.

Radio Compatibility

Local emergency workers are implementing a new radio system that will allow police, fire and EMS personnel to speak to each other directly via radio, instead of relaying messages through dispatchers. This will improve response times and communication during emergencies. The new radio systems are funded by federal grants.

Public health emergencies

In Fargo, a Community Influenza Collaborative is comprised of representatives from Cass and Clay counties and includes public health agencies, hospitals, university/college health agencies, nursing homes, mass care facilities, and clinics. The group has been meeting to develop response plans for a possible bird flu pandemic.

Fargo and Cass County are part of a six-county region established by the state for to plan for public health emergencies. The other counties in our region are Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele, and Traill. A coordinator and a public information officer based in Fargo serve these counties. Their work is funded in part by federal grants.