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Human Relations Commission - March 15, 2018 Minutes

Regular Meeting: Thursday, March 15, 2018

A regular meeting of the Board of Human Relations Commissioners of the City of Fargo, North Dakota, was held at the City Commission Room at City Hall at 12:00 o’clock p.m., March 15, 2018.

The Human Relations Commissioners present or absent were as follows:

Present: Rachel Hoffman, Barry Nelson, Cheryl Schaefle, Paul Jensen, Laetitia Hellerud

Absent: Abdiwali Sharif-Abdinasir, Timothy Stone, Dave Lanpher, Hassan Lamba

Also Present: Kara Gloe (City of Fargo), Vince Kempf (Cultural Liaison Police Officer), John Strand (Fargo City Commissioner)

Item 1. Welcome and Introductions
Chair Hoffman welcomed Members to the meeting and introductions were made.

Item 2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes
Mr. Nelson moved to approve the minutes and agenda with an amendment to remove Item 3. Ms. Schaefle seconded. All members affirmed aye and the motion passed.

Item 4. Public Comment
Training Coordinator Michael Mitchell, provided an update on the diversity training conducted for employees of the City of Fargo. The first round of diversity training this year is April 23rd and will repeat in August. The second training will be held May 21st.

Ms. Hellerud asked about the efforts the City of Fargo has in place to recruit for diversity. Mr. Strand asked about the diversity within the employees of the City of Fargo. Mr. Mitchell said he would get that information to Ms. Gloe to disseminate.

Mr. Jensen suggested that the Human Relations Commission partner with local universities to help research current efforts by businesses to recruit for diversity and which of those efforts are effective.

Item 5. Walmart Statement Volunteers
Ms. Gloe requested volunteers to help write statements for the women who spoke in last month’s meeting regarding their experience working at Walmart. Mr. Nelson, Ms. Schaefle, Ms. Hellerud, and Mr. Jensen all volunteered.

Item 6. NDSCS Tour
Ms. Gloe stated that NDSCS has invited the Human Relations Commission to tour their facilities. NDSCS shared a few dates and times for the tour. Ms. Gloe will send out a Doodle poll to find the best schedule.

Item 7. Funding Request
F5 requested $500 for their Erasing Stigma conference. Ms. Gloe will find out when F5 needs the funding, so the Human Relations Commission can have a better idea of available funds.

Item 8. Other Business
Ms. Hellerud stated that she would like the Human Relations Commission to explore a field trip the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg. Ms. Hellerud agreed to put together a proposal to add to the budget requests for 2019.

Mr. Nelson informed the Human Relations Commission of Bridging the Gap, a training for health disparities on April 10th.

Item 9. Adjourn