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Election & Governance Task Force

The City of Fargo is soliciting Statements of Interest from community members who desire to serve on the Election & Governance Task Force. Community members will be selected to serve among other committee members from various entities. If interested in being a member of the Task Force, please complete a Statement of Interest form found below or submit a written Statement of Interest to City Commission Office, Fargo City Hall, 225 4th St N, Fargo, ND 58102 no later than Wednesday, November 24.

Meeting Schedule & Location

The Election & Governance Task Force will meet in The Fargo City Commission Chambers (225 4th St. N.) The Task Force will begin meeting in January of 2022. Meetings will be open to the public and will be broadcast, recorded and replayed on the City of Fargo’s public access TV channels, website, and social media channels.

North Dakota Open Records Notice

Please be advised that non-exempt information provided within this form is subject to North Dakota Open Records laws and is subject to release (email addresses and telephone numbers are not subject to release).

*Note: Providing your mailing address will assist The City of Fargo in ensuring a geographically, and demographically, balanced representation of citizens serve on the 2021 Election and City Governance Task Force. Thank you for providing this information.


Optional Section: The City of Fargo intends to create a diverse and inclusive 2021 Election and City Governance Task Force that reflects Fargo, its values, and its people. In an effort to include diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Task Force membership, please select from the following: