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City Hall Art Exhibit

The City Hall Art Exhibit is a program of the City of Fargo’s Arts & Culture Commission. The Commission, established in 2015, explores and promotes the intersection between art, creative place making and community, as well as the role and installation of public art. Since 2016, the Commission has supported the curating of visual art exhibits installed in the hallway between the City Commission Chambers and the City Commission Offices.


The art exhibit at Fargo City Hall is located in the hallway between the City Commission Chambers and the City Commission Offices and within the City Commission Offices.

Currently Showing

More information regarding this exhibit will be forthcoming

Commission Offices
The City of Fargo pleased to present an exhibit of photographs by Robert Schlomann, on exhibit in the Commission Offices through June 30, 2018. The artworks in Simplicity contrast liquid and solid: all of the photographs are of water, snow or ice. Schlomann finds beauty in the simplicity of a fence line dotting a snowy parking lot or in the reflection and shadows cast by a rocky promontory in the water.

Although Schlomann seeks to simplify, his work is not simple. It captures nature’s intricate and complex nuances. Without his photographer’s keen eye to guide us, we may not have observed how the soft light plays on the waves or the repeating patterns made by tree branches glazed with hoar frost.

For more information on the artists see the About the Artist Page.


Yellow Light

Robert Schlomann