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Events Planned in Fargo & Moorhead to Celebrate Earth Week April 16-21


The cities of Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo and Dilworth invite residents to celebrate Earth Week April 16-21 by participating in a variety of green, earth-friendly activities throughout the metro.

Mayors’ Press Conference at Prairie Roots Co-op to kick off Earth Week
To kick off Earth Week, the Mayors of Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo and Dilworth, along with MinnKota Recycling, will hold a press conference on April 16, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. at Prairie Roots Co-op, 1213 NP Avenue, Fargo.

This event will showcase co-ops that are dedicated to enhancing the community by providing access to natural, organic and locally produced food. Several events have been scheduled around the community by various organizations, providing an opportunity for residents to learn more about protecting the environment and encouraging people to live green everyday.

City of Fargo Poster Contest ‘Coming Together for the Earth’
The City of Fargo will host a poster contest at Jefferson Elementary School, with the theme “Coming Together for the Earth.” The winning classroom will get to have lunch with Dr. Tim Mahoney, City of Fargo Mayor. The poster will also be featured on a billboard in Fargo the month of May, sponsored by MinnKota EnviroServices and the City of Fargo.

MATBUS – Get Your ‘Can’ on the Bus
Contact: Sage Thornbrugh at 701.476.5989 or send an email

The Get Your "Can" on the Bus promotion, running April 16-21, invites residents to ride MATBUS for free when they donate one aluminum can. Donation containers will be placed on board all fixed route vehicles. At the end of the week, all collected cans will be recycled and the proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit.

Public transportation plays an integral role in protecting the environment. One MATBUS vehicle full of people can remove up to 50 cars from the road – that’s a line of cars approximately four city blocks long. Also, U.S. public transportation systems save 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline every year, the equivalent of 320 million cars filling up annually.

Reducing solo car trips is one of the most significant ways to reduce individual carbon footprints. MATBUS encourages citizens to try a more eco-friendly mode of transportation each week with the iGoEco Challenge, running now through April 30. Sign up at to be in the running for exciting prizes such as Amazon Echos, Visa giftcards and a Nintendo Switch.

Moorhead Library Waste Transformation Art Exhibition
The 20th Annual Waste Transformation Art Exhibition, sponsored by Clay County Solid Waste and the Moorhead Library, is taking place April 16-21 at the Moorhead Library, 118 5th Street South.

Any person, club, classroom or organization is eligible to enter the exhibit with their craft or art project made from materials that would otherwise enter the waste stream. The entries will be displayed at the Moorhead Library. The entries are judged and prizes will be awarded in several age categories.

Some of the exhibits from past years include rugs and quilts made from leftover textiles and old clothing, collages made using everyday trash, sculptures made from used barbed wire, unique knick-knacks made from jars and textiles, and welded art made from metal scraps.

Red River Zoo Party for the Planet
The Red River Zoo’s “Party for the Planet” will be Sunday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Family activities include crafting bagel bird feeders, making a toad abode, recycled papermaking, supermarket sweep and animal observation skills. Join the Red River Zoo for a celebration of Earth Week, spring, life and animals. The zoo is located at 4220 21st Avenue South West, Fargo.
Contact: 701.277.9240, or

MinnKota – Celebrate Earth Day
Reclamation of used aluminum beverage cans continues to be a major source of supply for the U.S. aluminum industry. The aluminum industry estimates 1.77 billion pounds of used beverage cans get recycled every year, which accounts for a 67 percent recovery rate.

MinnKota wants this region to keep up with the national standards and maybe even exceed those rates. Their recycling campaign will offer premium prices for cans April 23 through May 5. This campaign is designed to divert tons of recyclables from area landfills, which will then be processed into new and useful products – all while MinnKota puts extra money in residents’ pockets.