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4th Street South Removal Work Progressing West, Business and Residential Access Changing This Week


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Zone: Downtown
Project: 4th Street S/Main Avenue Reconstruction

FARGO, N.D. (July 6, 2017) – Starting today, July 6, and throughout the week contractors for the City of Fargo will extend roadway removals and underground work area around the 4th Street South and 2nd Street South intersection. As work in the first phase continues, area business driveways will shift to temporary access points:

• Starting today, YMCA east parking lot will be accessible from the south side of the work zone off of 4th St. S Patrons will use 8th Street S to 5th Avenue S/6th Avenue S to 4th St. S to enter and exit the parking lot. This driveway will be used for the duration of the first phase of work.
• Saturday morning, the driveways to the east of the intersection of 2nd St. S and 4th St. S will be removed and replaced. Visitors traveling on 2nd St. S to the Professional Building and Lashkowitz High Rise building will use a temporary road off of Main Avenue. The entry and exit will be right-in and right-out from the eastbound lane of Main Ave. This temporary access point will be used for the next two weeks, weather permitting.

Local traffic will continue to have access to businesses and park system from 4th St. S and 6th Ave S/5th Ave. S intersection. The ability to travel south on 4th St. S from the intersection of 2nd St. S remains closed to thru traffic.

Crews will work toward Main Ave with the remaining project work and the closures on 4th St. S will be divided into these phases:
• 4th Street S (north edge of YMCA driveway through 1st Avenue S intersection)
• 4th Street S (north of 1st Ave. S to Main Ave.)
• Main Avenue (2nd St. S to 4th St.; and at 2nd St. N) – in the median area

Access to businesses off of 4th St. S, Main Ave. and 2nd St. S will be maintained by temporary or side access during certain phases of work. Speeds will be reduced to 25 mph through the work zone. Please slow down and watch for trucks entering and exiting the work area.

The project work should be complete by late fall.

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