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23rd Avenue South Construction

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Start: May 2019

Estimated Completion: September 2019

Overall Map

Overall Map


23rd Ave S Closure Map

Current Status:

This project is currently scheduled to begin in early May 2019.

Project Overview:

The planned work for this project includes the new construction of paved roadways, sidewalks, and incidentals on 23rd Avenue South from 42nd Street to 38th Street and on 41st Street South from 23rd Avenue to 24th Avenue. In addition, new traffic signals and concrete pavement will be installed at the 23rd Avenue & 42nd Street intersection.


  • Upon project start, 23rd Avenue South will be closed to thru traffic between 42nd & 43rd Street South.
  • The closure, which is scheduled to last approximately 3-4 weeks, is needed in order to allow the Contractor to complete the project's intersection improvements at 23rd Avenue & 42nd Street.
  • All business access along 23rd Avenue South will remain open but will only be accessible from 45th Street South.
  • Northbound and southbound traffic on 42nd Street will be tapered down to one lane each direction through the 23rd Avenue intersection.


Dakota Underground Company


The project is scheduled to begin in early May, with substantial project completion scheduled for September 6, 2019.


This project will be funded through a combination of Special Assessment and General Infrastructure funds.


The purpose of this project is to install the infrastructure required for any future development planned for the southwest quadrant of the I-29 & I-94 interchange. The project also allows for the connection to existing infrastructure, as well as intersection improvements at 23rd Avenue South and 42nd Street.