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32nd Ave S Median Paving Across 32nd St S Intersection Starts Friday, Short-Term Intersection Changes


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    Current Map

Zone: South
Project: 32nd Avenue Reconstruction Project

Starting at 7 a.m. Friday, September 8, crews will begin paving the median area along 32nd Avenue S on the east side of the work zone. To complete paving across the intersection of 32nd Street S from the medians, cross traffic for 32nd Avenue S will be restricted for a short-time.
The 32nd Street S northbound and southbound traffic change:

  • Drivers unable to cross over 32nd Avenue S from the intersection

The 32nd Street S eastbound and westbound traffic changes:

  • Right-in and right-out from north and south side intersections to 32nd Avenue S
  • Drivers unable to take left-hand turns onto 32nd Avenue S

Drivers will be able to access local businesses on the north side of 32nd Street S via 33rd Street S to 30th Avenue S. Access for the south side of 32nd Avenue S will be via 33rd Street S to 35th Avenue S, or by use of 36th Street S to 35th Avenue S.
Project work is anticipated to take 5 - 6 days, weather permitting.
After 32nd Street S is opened to traffic in all directions, 33rd Street S will change to right-in and right-out traffic movements to continue paving operations through the stretch.
In the upcoming weeks, drivers can anticipate the south side 39th Street S intersection to open to both directions of traffic and additional driving lanes opening on the west side of the project.
The current traffic pattern through the work zone is:

  • West of 39th Street S to west end: Traffic carried on outside driving lanes, two lanes for westbound drivers and one lane for eastbound drivers, with separate turning lanes in each direction. The 39th Street S south side intersection opens to southbound drivers only.
  • East of 36th Street S to east end: Traffic carried on outside driving lanes, one lane in each direction with separate turn lanes. The 32nd Street S and 32nd Avenue S north and south side intersections are right-in and right-out only.
  • I-29 Bridge: traffic carried on the south side, one lane of side-by-side traffic with a turn lane to access the interstate open in each direction. Five of the six I-29 ramps on 32nd Ave S are open for traffic.
  • SW I-29 Loop Ramp: Now OPEN to I-29 southbound traffic onto 32nd Ave S access to both east and west moving traffic.
  • NW I-29 Ramp: CLOSED to I-29 southbound traffic off of 32nd Ave S for ramp resurfacing and installation of new under ramp pedestrian route
  • Intersections: All other intersections are open to traffic in both directions

As a reminder, the speed limit on 32nd Avenue S is reduced to 25 mph and 45 mph on I-29. Crews are working near oncoming traffic in parts of the work zone, so drivers are asked to slow down, eliminate distractions and pay attention to signage.

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