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Benefits & Pay

A police officers compensation is based on an 13 step pay scale. Police officers starting pay is $54,142 a year or $26.06 an hour. Police officers receive an automatic increase to the next pay step every year until they reach step 13. The 13th pay step is $73,466 a year or $35.32 an hour.

Current or former law enforcement officers may be eligible to start at up to $57,325 - $27.56/hour depending on experience, and may have a shortened training program.

Employees receive longevity pay after 10 years of service in addition to the employee's current pay step. Officers who receive promotions are placed on a higher 13-step pay scale.


Fargo Police Staff and the City contribute to the police pension plan which pays 2.65% of the highest three years of salary (average) multiplied by years of service. Officers are vested into the pension at 10 years of service and can draw from their pension at the age of 49 1/2.


City employees pay $62.82 a month for single health coverage, and $304.02 a month for family health coverage.

Vision insurance is available for family, employee plus spouse, employee plus child or family at rates from $9.86-26.34 a month.

The City pays the premium for single dental coverage. Employees pay $20.35 a month for employee plus spouse, $19.35 for employee plus child, or $40.25 a month for family coverage.

Leave Time

City employees earn 96 hours of annual leave during their first year, and continue to accrue more each year based on years of service with a maximum of 192 hours of leave per year.

Employees can carry over a maximum of 256 hours of annual leave each year.

Annual Leave Accrual:

City employees earn one working day of sick leave per calendar month of full time service, and continue to accrue additional hours based on years of service with a maximum of one and one half working day per calendar month.

Employees are allowed to carry over a maximum of 960 hours of sick time each year. At the end of each calendar year, an employee will receive 44% of the accrued sick leave in excess of 960 hours without interest.

Sick Leave Accrual:

City employees receive 10 paid holidays per year, and receive eight hours of leave annually for their birthday.

Self Improvement Program

The Tuition Reimbursement Program is a benefit available to all full time and part time benefited city employees. Employees who are continuing their education are eligible for up to $2,000 per year for reimbursement. This benefit provides financial assistance to employees seeking to increase their professional development.

Wellness Program

The Fargo Police Department has an in house gym that includes free weights, weight machines and cardio machines. The City provides a wellness program and gym membership reimbursement.


Long sleeve uniforms, short sleeve uniforms, pants, cold gear, light and cold winter jackets, winter hat, ballistic vest, and duty gear to include a belt, handgun, extra magazines, magazine holder, key holder, pepper spray, taser, flashlight, radio, handcuffs, handcuff case, rubber gloves and glove holder are issued to new officers. After one year of service, officers are allotted a yearly clothing allowance to purchase needed duty items.


The department maintains the officers P.O.S.T. license and the training requirements.