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Community Development Funds & Goals

The Fargo Community Development Committee makes recommendations to the City Commission regarding development and oversight of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Partnership, and City Social Service Grant funds, which are each separate grants that utilize the same application. The Committee's focus is on the following community development goals:

Community Development Goals Chart

  1. Affordable Housing & Homelessness
    • Create or maintain existing affordable housing stock
    • Increase homeownership
    • Reduce homelessness in the community
  2. Poverty Reduction
    • Support efforts to increase self sufficiency and personal well-being
    • Expand economic opportunities for low-income individuals
    • Promote the principles of fair housing and acceptance of diversity
  3. Neighborhoods
    • Help ensure that all Fargo neighborhoods are neighborhoods of choice
    • Promote the development of downtown and older neighborhoods
  4. Planning/Admin
    • Use for administration of community development programs, general planning activities, and studies.


The Community Development Committee evaluates how the City's housing and development programs are working. It also examines new programs, proposed changes and grant/funding opportunities. In addition, the Community Development Committee may recommend and initiate special studies and plans.

Community Development Grants

Community Development Grants are made by the Fargo City Commission, with the recommendation of the Community Development Committee.

The City of Fargo will not fund:

  • Partisan, political, or denominational programs
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Individuals
  • Requests that are not in writing
  • Programs located outside the City of Fargo, unless directly benefiting Fargo residents