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Auditorium Commission - May 19, 2017 Minutes

The City Hall Auditorium Commission held a meeting Friday, May 19, 2017,
at 12:00 P.M. in the Civic Center.

The members present were as follows:

PRESENT: Deutsch, Armbrust, Thompson, Nustad & Olson.



President Armbrust called the meeting to order.

MINUTES APPROVED: Thompson moved approval of Minutes of meeting held on April 21, 2017. Seconded by Nustad.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Down a little bit but still going better than last year. Also the Dakota Spas are not in the April 2017 month end report. Deutsch moved approval of financial report. Seconded by Olson.

DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Staff is doing very good with the events in the next few months. More event in June and July than normal. Feel very confident in the upcoming months that the Civic will be great this year. Colleen Wadeson handed out a request for reduced rent for a Spare Key event in October 2017. Armbrust made a motion to give Spare Key 1 days rent reduction for their event. Seconded by Thompson. Motion passed. Colleen handed out a proposal from Pepsi for five 1 year contract with them. Motion made by Grubb to have a RFP put in the newspaper to run two consecutive weeks for a bid. Seconded by Deutsch. Motion passed.

EVENT EVALUATION SHEETS: None. No actions taken.


COMING EVENTS: 2 concerts and Lion’s Basketball.


There was no further business to be discussed.

Olson moved adjournment for the meeting. Seconded by Thompson.